Informationen / Biografie über Sherwin Shammas

Sherwin Shammas
My paintings are combination of modern painting and traditional Persian Painting (Miniature or Negargary) in my own style.

2007 Bachelor of Arts-Painting-Faculty of Art and Architecture ,Central Tehran Branch , Islamic Azad University-Tehran-Iran
2001 Bachelor of Engineering-Mechanical Engineering - Faculty of Technical & Engineering - Yazd university -Yazd - Iran

2014 Solo Painting Exhibition- Majd Gallery-Tehran
2013 Solo Painting Exhibition- My Personal Studio Gallery -Tehran
2012 Solo Painting Exhibition - My Personal Studio Gallery –Tehran
2008 Participated in the Second Grand Annual Exposition 7negah-Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation-Tehran.
2004 Persian Painting group Exhibition(Sepinod) - Dorsa gallery-Tehran
2003 Participated in the Youth Art- Second Visual Art Festival –Tehran

Member of Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art IRI , Iran