Informationen / Biografie über stefan korinek

Born in Stockerau, a village located in the wonderfully unspectacular ”Weinviertel“ (Wine Quarter) in Lower
Austria. Currently training as a photographer / photo shop assistant in Vienna/Austria.

Various stop-overs in life: Prague, Berlin, Calcutta, Copenhagen, Lagos.

“Dream is a sealed letter containing what you already know.“ This quotation by Gerhard Roth offers an apt
approach to my work. By means of my tableaus I straighten out my emotional realms and at the same time
aspire – in accordance with my basic attitudes - to point out that everything is connected to everything else,
that everything determines everything else, and that synchronicity is happening.

The conceptual continuity my work is grounded on is of definite meditative character. I say thousands of
mantras while working, all intended to serve the benefit of all beings.

The preliminaries to the first punch into the sheet metal often do take quite some time: I say many mantras
pleading for succour, I have prolonged debates with myself, and I contemplate the I-Ching. Only then, the
first breaches. All is brought on stream, destruction claims its space and grows manifest.

Appreciation of evanescence, being my principal concern, is referenced to by the patina. Often, the
patination goes hand in hand with the sketching, and not until I perceive them both as being in harmony I
pierce the copper.

I strive to enable the contemplators of my tableaus to take a time-out from this forever faster life and world in
order to de-celerate, to un-bend, and to dare a journey into the inside, to persevere in the ”here and now“.

Hence, I manufacture Mandalas as contribution to harmonising the world and society.

It all began a long time ago with a dream.
I dreamt of a canoe, decorated with Buddhist mantras and glowing from within. The entire boat was gleaming
and left a lasting and most notably calming impression on me in my dream.
Weeks later, when I discovered a sketch in my dream diary done that night, the long forgotten image
Again, its peaceful emanation affected me deeply, and I instantly set off to transforming it into a project.
During the final phase of the work, riveting the single parts which was conducted outdoors, dawn fell and soft
rain set in. My hands, after having processed copper all day long, literally emitted a bluish green glow owing
to the copper oxide.
Once the canoe was completed, I packed it with approximately one hundred light bulbs and pulled it up the
next best tree using a thick rope where i fastened it and connected the light bulbs to electricity. There has
rarely been a moment in my life when I have been happier than when I saw the canoe light up.

Seeing as I have been occupying quite a singular position in the world regarding my way of presenting my
emotions and sentiments, there were no instructors available to further my knowledge or refine my technical
skills. Left on my own, I have found my own way which I have been following since 1991.

Art trips to Kurdistan, Nepal, India and the former USSR have provided me with plentiful new influences and

Frequent exhibitions since 1992.